From Wales to Wearside: Former Swansea & SAFC Players

Well, here we are, the final game in what has been the most nerve-wracking, heart-churning and euphoric season I’ve have ever witnessed. The last four/five games have been incredible and thankfully, come August, I’ll be laying out more Premier League former player lists! So without further or do, for the last time this season, let’s have a look! [More]

Three Tactics: How SAFC Can Beat Swansea

Regardless of the result this Sunday it will no doubt be a party atmosphere as SAFC look forward to an unprecedented seventh consecutive top flight campaign – it is the first time since our first relegation in 1958 we have spent so long amongst England’s elite. However, there still is a match that, should we win, would be worth some very useful coin and here is how I think we can give ourselves the best chance of winning it. [More]

The Biggest Positive for SAFC

For as long as I have been a SAFC fan I can’t ever remember a period where the goings on at the club both on and off the field were boring. Taking everything into account, the way this term has inevitably panned out has been largely positive, mostly mental and always exhilarating, with many memorable days that the likes of me and you will never forget. [More]

The Future of Poyet - Should SAFC be Worried About Spurs?

Unsurprisingly one of the biggest noises heard after Wednesday night surrounds Gus Poyet. This includes the reported contract clause which would allow him to leave for nothing given our survival. I’m sceptical about how much truth is in that – but regardless of whether there is, should we be worried about hanging onto Gus? [More]

Match Report & Analysis: SAFC 2-0 West Brom

Somewhere in the deepest realms of Hell, the Devil is sat at home flicking through the souls of the Sunderland supporters that sold them in order to guarantee the survival of our club in the Premier League for another season and, much like I do when I find my 7th duplicate of Daniele De Rossi for my Panini World Cup sticker album, I'm sure he's wondering what to do with them all. [More]