Match Analysis & Report: Tottenham 5-1 SAFC - Cats Capitulation all but Surprising

I’m not too sure how many nails we plan on hammering into this coffin but what I do know is that there is easily enough to keep the lid firmly shut. After such a harrowing defeat the Championship now seems like the Promised Land for SAFC. 5-1 was the final score to Spurs, which didn’t flatter them, but you knew that I’m sure. [More]

Tottenham Vs SAFC: Win, Lose or Draw?

If you’ve already given up on SAFC then join in with almost everyone on the WAW team. There is still one nutter who believes we just might pull of a minor miracle…and he is currently leading the way in our prediction league. Clearly won’t be there for much longer! Feel free to join in using the comment section at the bottom…one point for the correct result, two for the correct score! [More]

Five Former SAFC & Tottenham Players

Our season is looking bleak. We’re at the edge of a cliff looking down at a drop into the Championship and the fixtures we are facing do not exactly instil confidence. To Tottenham for the first of those tough away games, against a side which are having an up and down sort of run with Tim Sherwood at the helm. So here are some of the players that have featured for both sides with a few names that will be sure to raise an eyebrow or two. [More]

Three Tactics: How SAFC Can Beat Tottenham

I’ll not delve into the desperate situation we find ourselves in, everyone knows about it, it would be a waste of words. Tomorrow we once more head into a Monday night tie, licking our wounds from last week’s humiliating home defeat to West Ham. Our last win on a Monday was some 19 games, 12 years and ten managers ago. Claudio Reyna – what a player – scored twice against Leicester City at the Stadium of Light. How can we cast aside those demons and beat a superior Spurs team tomorrow? [More]

Why Ji Dong-Won Fiasco Could Help SAFC

There has been a remarkable amount of agenda fuelled media attention relating to the Ji Dong-Won fiasco. Yet more embarrassment shovelled over a desperately depressing climax to the season. Whilst we’re clutching at proverbial straws to find specks of hope in situations that should make little difference – I can’t help but suggest this might work in our favour. [More]

Three Englishmen who can Save SAFC

We absolutely need saving. At the minute, there is only one way this season will end for SAFC and I don't think I need to spell it out for anyone. The chances are slim, very slim - but there are three home grown playersin our squad who, combined, might be able to score the goals that we need to complete the impossible. [More]