ANOTHER CHALLENGE: Can you name Sunderland's Top Scorer against each PL side?

Toughy this week! We're sick of teams scoring past Sunderland, so our quiz is about Sunderland scoring past teams. Can you name the Sunderland player who has scored the most goals for each Premier League side? 10 minutes sounds like a long time - it's not! Click the green 'PLAY' button to start the timer and have a go. Let us know what score you get. [More]

The Premier League History Myth: Why Most Football Records Are Wrong

In the wake of last night's Merseyside derby, multiple sources are telling us that Gareth Barry is now second on the list of all-time Premier League appearance makers, with 610. He's just passed Frank Lampard (609), and has Ryan Giggs (632) ahead of him. The only problem with this factoid? It's not true. [More]