Remaining Positive is the Key to Ending the Season Successfully

Look, if you haven’t already gotten over last weekend’s cup final defeat to Manchester City then it’s definitely about time you did. Don’t have another lie in, have a shower. It’s time to get out of your pit and cheer yourself up. Maybe even throw those lucky underpants that you’ve had on since Sunday in the washing machine, because you’ll be needing them again for Sunday. [更多...]

Does Seb Still have Something to Offer SAFC?

We can all take an awful lot out of the Capital One Cup final, that includes Seb Larsson, who looked a completely different footballer on Sunday. He looked a player with direction and even some composed impetuous, all of which doesn’t sit with the vast majority of his showings for SAFC. With his contract running out in the summer – is this a one-off or can he earn himself a new deal? [更多...]

Why Pride is the Overwhelming Feeling

To say that this weekend has been the greatest of my life would be an understatement. After daring to dream for months, the wait was over. Over 31,000 SAFC fans made the long trek from Wearside down to Wembley. It was the first time I’d been personally, and the first time I’d seen my team in a cup final, with the last one coming over a year before I was born. [更多...]

So Who Will Be Porterfield?

What do you want your club to achieve as a fan? An occasional win against one of the big boys, another win against the Scum, a top half finish, winning the league, a European place, survival or a trip to Wembley and a cup win? [更多...]

We Will All be on Wembley Way

When Vito Mannone saved Rafael Da Silva’s penalty at Old Trafford last month, my mind jumped into warp speed; “we’re going to Wembley! Are SAFC really going to Wembley? When is it?” Since Gus Poyet arrived on Wearside has almost been nothing but positive; players performances - positive, mental attitude in games - positive, cup runs - positive. [更多...]

Leeds 1973 - Manchester City 2014: Nothing Is Impossible

The best thing Gus Poyet can do to show his players how much Sunday means to the people of Sunderland is to play back the DVD of the 1973 Cup Final on Sunday morning. I assume managers have probably done so in the past before big games in an effort to bring the players to our level, and some may have failed when it came to the big occasion, but I sense that the current group of players might respond well to it, knowing in hindsight what their potential achievements can bring to their lives and their status within the world of football. [更多...]
Guest Post: How Jordan Henderson has Transformed at Liverpool

Guest Post: How Jordan Henderson has Transformed at Liverpool

Put this pressure on yourself, you’re transferred for huge money by a Kop legend in Kenny Dalglish, and you’re playing for one of the most iconic clubs in league history. All of that by 21, big things for Jordan Henderson, and he gets to train at Melwood. Not a bad way to further your career. Most of the problem with Jordan at the beginning of his career with the Reds was he was so young, and came in with that huge transfer fee. He wasn’t playing with a number on his back, he was playing with a target on his back. Henderson was offered to Fulham at the end of the Transfer window two years ago, that would have brought in Clint Dempsey. So he had to improve.

So what has made his growth shoot up so rapidly recently? Two years under Branden Rodgers. As good of a manager as Kenny Dalglish has been for the club, he was twenty years in the past. The long ball, lob it up to a huge striker, and a couple defensive midfielders is over, just don’t tell Big Sam that. What tactics have turned into, outside of a new blogging category, is more attacking, with a LB or a RB bombing up the wing switching with either a DM or a CM. That’s where Jordan Henderson comes in now.

He’s been helped at Liverpool having Rodolfo Borrell who has turned out some really good players. Plus development is always helped when you have a captain like Steven Gerrard, who has said he wants to go into coaching, and a vice captain ( just retired) who has seen every player in the EPL in the last seventeen years. So with that all on your plate, what have we seen from Jordan this year?

He’s been able to sit in the FB, RW, LW, CM, DM, and who knows, with the lack of squad depth and Luis Suarez being over due for some stupidity, you might see him as a false poacher.  After all, Rogers called him a “False Winger who came inside and got goals”. Which is a big thing, you may be married to a position and a tactic, but not married to a role. That is, during a match, you can move about and as long as you’re contributing, does it matter where you are?

Having a versatile player, who is young, and very good, helps with squad depth. I think the major reason for his development is that he wasn’t stuck in reserves, or made to go out on loan. He had to play, he had to learn on the fly, and he couldn’t just duck the bright lights. So many of these top teams, I’m looking at you Chelsea, transfer in or have talented youth players and don’t let them sniff the first team. There’s something about playing in the EPL against top talent, to make you learn your craft more and then become an England International, which he has become.

Thanks to Stephen Brandt, a Liverpool fan from the States, for taking the time to write this article for us!

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