Fabio Borini Sticks it to West Ham & Proves one thing to Sunderland Fans

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend. We spent it lovingly with our families which meant I had to hold back my excitement and sheer delight provided by one amazing guy. Whilst you are enjoying reminiscing an incredible moment, you can try and find a poorly hidden message in today's piece. 

What a moment it was. #ThisIsFab smashed home a thunderbolt equaliser, leaving West Ham's water-tight defence and world class goalkeeper hapless, kicking and screaming on the floor like broken school kids. Fabio Borini has been so incredible for Sunderland I felt it was about time we honoured the Italian for all of his endeavours. 

In his post-match interview, Fabulous #ThisIsFab Fabio talked about his involvement in our great escape under Sam Allardyce. What a valid point when we consider how he has utilised his minutes on the pitch perfectly this campaign to match the goal tally he managed in his final six games of last season. He talked about his incredible physique and his hard work which in my opinion should guarantee his spot up front for Italy never mind for Sunderland.

This is all without talking about the amazing way he celebrated one of the most important goals in Sunderland history. He temporarily cast aside his world famous knife-in-the-mouth celebration to slide in front of the charismatic Moyes to prove another valid point. Fabio was clearly telling Moyes that this is the end product of using him as an incredible super sub. Bench me and I'll score. What a fantastic piece of tactical ingenuity from both the Italian and the infectious Moyes.

Speaking of tactical ingenuity, I've reminded myself of Fabulous #ThisIsFab Fabio's very valid comments about his very varied role for Sunderland. He mentioned that he often found it difficult to perform to his highest standards - not that I noticed of course - because Moyes had used him in many different roles. It proves that Fabio is a tactical genius, managing to make many roles of an otherwise widely understood right-wing position. Whilst you and I see a basic, Championship Manager 01/02 style RW whenever Fabio starts, the Italian sees an overwhelming list of different roles rolling past his eyes. Only Fabio is good enough to know exactly what, but nobody can do everything, not even Fabio.

Quite frankly I have enjoyed Fabulous #ThisIsFab Fabio's performances this season so much that I am disappointed he seems to have abandoned the incredible Twitter hashtag #ThisIsFab. Not only would we usually be treated to a pre-match tweet featuring this fantastic piece of supporter-focused selfless motivation, but he would also tweet it before matches that he played no part in. You could perhaps consider this attention seeking, but not me, I see the real Fabio and I know that it is this hashtag which has been behind the unbelievable unity seen at Sunderland this season. Rumour has it, that each player has a #ThisIsFab wristband and they have an intimidating chant which bellows from the dressing room pre-match which heavily features #ThisIsFab.

Unfortunately, with Sunderland's unprecedented relegation on the horizon, a relegation which will baffle football experts for decades given the incredible managerial performances of David Moyes, we are set to say goodbye to Fabulous #ThisIsFabio Fabio. The major transfer rumour is that Real Madrid and Barcelona are readying £152 nonillion as they are willing to spend far more than the entire worlds coin in one transfer.

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