Sunderland Incomings to Wait Until the Final Days

Another day rolls by with nothing but reports of imminent departures of key defenders rather than imminent arrivals.

by GMac88 Tuesday, 16 August 2016 07:18 PM Comments
Another day rolls by with nothing but reports of imminent departures of key defenders rather than imminent arrivals.

Exclude from that the odd, unfounded tweets lazy lifting last week's Shane Duffy link and there is literally nothing going on, in public, regarding Sunderland incoming transfers. Granted, Papy Djilobodji's signing was from absolutely nowhere and there is all the possibility in the world we will see another surface as soon as I publish this article. All things considered, we will be waiting until the last few days of the transfer window for what we are waiting for. But why?

As we know Premier League transfers are a bit daft these days. The copious coin available to all clubs has led to inflated transfer fees and some clubs, including Sunderland, simply do not want to pay them. We don't want to accept them either, something highlighted by the Lamine Kone saga. Sunderland are not the only club.

If you want a player, a good player, clubs don't need to sell them anymore. Clubs can play hardball and not lose an awful lot if transfers don't complete. So the haggling drags on. Then there's those sodding agents.

Kone is maybe an extreme example, but an example nonetheless of how far an agent will go to secure a transfer. After all, with all of this money in about, they want some. No doubt this is why the Younes Kaboul rumours have surfaced and gathered pace. Agents will throw their client at the highest bidder, not the best club their client can get (or no other club at all).

Big signings should lead to a chain reaction. Crystal Palace receiving £25m for Yannick Bolasie will no doubt catalyst their summer transfers which are reportedly to include Christian Benteke - a player who I would love at Sunderland. Unless we sell Kone, we won't have a catalyst and no reason to force transfer through, spending more money in the process. Well, we do have a reason - a tiny squad - but not a 'business' reason which seems to drive all of our decisions these days. 

All that means is that we are likely to wait until the last week, or even last few days, of the transfer window for arrivals. Hopefully there will be loads of them - but I think all Sunderland fans can be forgiven some skepticism.