So when will Sunderland and Newcastle play each other again?

Blah blah Checkatrade trophy u23 banter. No thanks.

by GMac88 Tuesday, 24 April 2018 11:44 PM Comments
Blah blah Checkatrade trophy u23 banter. No thanks. 


As a near 30 year old fella, Newcastle being the top of the pile in the North East is nowt new, the majority of my childhood and teenage years were spent with this being so.

Now that Sunderland are a League One club, one comforting aspect is that there will be one club that won't forget us. With a couple of extremely well balanced mags ending up at the SoL to watch our relegation, followed by the world's greatest goalie Jordan Pickford ruffling a few feathers keeping their timid attack at bay - the Wear Tyne rivalry remains intact even if our club doesn't.

We had a lot of fun let's be honest. Six in a row, nine unbeaten, relegating them live on tele - that is some prime stuff right there to cling on to. Despite regularly producing trollop on the pitch during this period, we could always rely on Newcastle for some free points. They helped us stay in the Premier League well beyond our welcome. 

Remember when this was a thing?

Now, with an entire league between us, there looks to be little chance of a Wear Tyne derby in the near future and plenty of time to take everything we threw at them back and then some. Perhaps it's fitting that this break comes as astonishingly the 135 year history stands at 53 wins, 49 draws and 53 losses according to

The last time Sunderland suffered such a relegation, Newcastle finished six places from bottom of the old First Division and were ultimately relegated in 1989 - coinciding with Sunderland's immediate resurrection. 

Truthfully, there looks to be little chance of history repeating itself, with Newcastle looking a solid Premier League team,  and Sunderland showing no signs of halting the free fall. Premier League odds had Newcastle 5/1 to be relegated at the start of the season, a price that will no doubt grow for the 2018/19 campaign. Will they be longer than our odds to be playing League Two football?

I've read a lot of well-intentioned comments from football pundits and opposition fans displaying sympathy for Sunderland. It's a little disorientating for me, I'm never quite sure how to react. I'd rather see a mag try to hurt my feelings - at least they genuinely care about our plight whether they care to admit it or not. I felt sorry for Wolves when they suffered double relegation yet, despite having fairly close affiliations with the club through friendships, I barely gave it a second thought after the initial 'ah, well that's a bit of a shame isn't it'.

It's reassuring to know that regardless how low we fall, how hard we hit the ground and how long we take to get back on our feet - we'll always be in their thoughts. And Manchester United fans' too, still hilarious how many remain caught on the Poznan fishing line we cast six years ago.