Still time to enter our SAFC writing competition!

Nearly there, our writing competition closes on Sunday.

by GMac88 Thursday, 26 July 2018 06:21 PM Comments

Last week we asked you to send us in a few witty words of wisdom to [email protected]. There's still a chance for you to enter if you fancy yourself as a bit of a writer, and perhaps grab a cheeky £50 which we're offering to the best we get.

Whilst we'll 'report' on some stuff from time to time, especially if we feel it hasn't already been covered, we're not journalists. This is fan media after all! You'll have a better chance of winning if you can string some sentences together and have fun with it, throwing in some witt wouldn't hurt either. It's a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to enhance a hobby, or those studying a relevant qualification to help get the experience required for that extra step forward (we've had a few bloggers-turned-journos here on WAW).

We're looking for opinions, match reaction, all of that good stuff. We're not strict on what you say and how often you say something either (more the better obviously).

If you're up for entering just send a piece about whatever you like, 300-500 words would be fine (nothing too heavy please we have a few to go through...), to [email protected] - but don't forget to include your name and (if applicable) your Twitter handle.

The terms;

  • No one associated with WAW, including those who have previously contributed, are eligible to win.
  • By entering you give us permission to publish your article on our website with you credited as the author, unless you specifically request this not to be done when entering.
  • We cannot guarantee your article will be published. However, if it is relevant, doesn't duplicate content on WAW and is of good quality we'll be all over it.
  • We cannot guarantee you will be asked to write for us going forward even if we do publish you article - though there's a pretty good chance.
  • We may ask you to join the writing team before the competition closes, this does not affect your eligibility to win.
  • If we do publish your article, you'll be notified in advance but this does not mean you've won the competition.
  • Money paid via bank transfer or PayPal - nee cheque books about the office (we don't have an office).
  • We reserve the right not to pay up if everything we receive is naff (so pls profff reda it wuld b verry mcuh appreitacted).
  • Competition closes on 29/07/2018 with the winner announced shortly afterwards.

Good luck!