"He is making stupid mistakes" "Jack Ross will ruin this talent" - Sunderland fans clearly impressed by Lincoln performance in our player ratings

The ratings were so bad on the back of the Lincoln defeat I thought our rating system was broken.

by GMac88 Monday, 07 October 2019 08:31 PM Comments


Not quite as broken as the disjointed display from Sunderland which led to our second league defeat of the season. We have now won less than half of our games - eight points adrift of league leaders Ipswich who also boast a vastly superior goal difference. The season has barely started and we already seem to be in a race for second place. And even that is a farfetched idea when you consider how poor we've been.

We've been fairly vocal on the need for a new manager since the Bolton game. That was the point, to me, which rubber-stamped things were not going to improve as much as we needed under Jack Ross. Looking at the comments left from Saturday's game, it looks like many of us agree. Stewart Donald has a little bit of thinking time now, it's international break thanks to the postponement of our game against Fleetwood. At the time that felt like a frustrating decision, now it's a relief.

As we usually do with our round up piece, we've ranked the players from worst to best, picking out a couple of the comments left. Seems a bit daft to crown a man of the match, but there you go!

13th (and last place): Charlie Wyke - 2.7
£1 million pounds! Let that sink in, absolutely pathetic! Kevin Kyle was a better front man - Dale Robson

Stick a lampost in the opposition box, would score more and be more mobile - mackem1966

12th: Jon McLaughlin - 2.9
Week after week, he is making stupid mistakes..which cost goals, and points - Anonymous

Time for him to be replaced, confidence is shot - Chas445

11th: Laurens De Bock - 3.1
We were warned...but our scouts know better. How often have we seen a new bloke have a good game then rubbish! - Anonymous

Below average - Bye bye JR


10th: Chris Maguire - 3.3
Completely out of sorts lately, not sure if he's missing his Pink Boots but he's been more Puss In Boots since he swapped them... - Mr P. Doff

Another booking, another game where he is otherwise missing. Should only be used as a substitute, never plays well when he is in starting team - Anonymous

9th: Lynden Gooch - 3.4
The words Headless & Chicken constantly spring to mind, another of Dross`s favourites who wont be dropped - Agent Ashleys Bank Account

Puppy chasing a balloon - Anonymous

8th: Aiden McGeady - 3.4
Hot or cold no inbetween - Anonymous

Not fit - coachees

7th: Conor McLaughlin - 3.5
Just not good enough for this league - Stan

slightly better but still not good enough - Anonymous

6th: Marc McNulty - 3.7
Played out of position, another Ross tactical disaster - Chas445

Need him back to full fitness - Anonymous


5th: Dylan McGeouch - 3.9
Worked hard, sloppy with his passing though - Agent Ashleys Bank Account

Never been convinced by this fellow. One or two little touches, but no strength, little awareness - Anonymous

4th: Max Power - 4.1
Scored good goal last week and in previous game. But, had done nothing since Christmas and is unable to sustain a reasonable level over a few games - Anonymous

Legend in his own mind - Anonymous

3rd: Joel Lynch - 4.3
Even he couldn't stop their pacey forwards - Anonymous

Well that didn’t last long did it? - Dale Robson

2nd: Jordan Willis - 4.4
Poor for his normal standard - Anonymous

Not much he could do surrounded by such mediocrity... Gormless GK, Overflapping FB's, Minging Midfield, Woeful Wingers & Floundering Forwards... - Mr P. Doff

1st (and Man of the Match): Luke O'Nien - 4.8
JR will ruin this talent - coachees

Did all he could - Anonymous