"I can't see him muscle in," WAWFP talks Luke O'Nien and our signing of the season...

Midweek edition, non-match day edition!

by GMac88 Wednesday, 27 February 2019 04:54 PM Comments

We didn't get the chance to quiz our panel in preparation of the Bristol Rovers match like normal, so instead we're throwing out a midweek edition. This week the topics are; our winning line up, Luke O'Nien and our best signing. Scroll to the end of the article to find out how to get involved if you fancy it.


It seems like Jack Ross has a settled 9 or 10 players in the side now - what do you make of Sunderland's line up in the last two games?

What is our best line up? It has felt like a question Jack Ross has wrestled with for months, but perhaps that is starting to change with our recent performances. We only had one, enforced, change between the Gillingham and Bristol Rovers wins - so is this our best line up?


Finally starting to look like a settled side. Lets go on another run now. - Mark



Matthews to right back, O'Nien in [midfield] and Honeyman out. wyke out (it’s a worry who chose him), he does not win much in the air and is far too slow, put the young lad from spurs on the bench. - Roger


Luke O'Nien, he's been impressive at right back - would you give him a chance through the middle or keep him as our no1 choice at right back?

Moving O'Nien into midfield is something I've been banging on about for ages. It's his favoured position, and more often than not he looks our best player eventhough he is out of position. Attack midfield has been weak, too. However, our panel generally disagreed - particularly given how fruitful the partnership of Lee Cattermole and Grant Leadbitter have proved in our latest couple of victories.


Don't fix what isn't broken, he's arguably been our most consistent performer when playing right back. Another potent attacking threat. - Mark



If Cattermole/Leadbitter stay fit I cant see him muscle in.  Fullback is probably his only position at the moment - tough on Matthews, but thats what happens when you get injured. - Staffan


Now we've seen a fair bit of all of our summer and winter signings - who would be your signing of the season so far?

I thought I would throw this cheeky question in to seen if the performances of Grant Leadbitter may have swayed some of our panel, but no, they were unanimous. Jon McLaughlin is our best signing so far, and it's hard to disagree with that given the points he has saved so far this season.


McLaughlin – if we bought him last year we would still be in the championship. - Howard


McLaughlin, absolutely no question.  We would be mid-table were it not for the points he's saved us.  A good number of the 14 draws would have been defeats were it not for his prowess. - Paul


Thanks as always to our panel. If you fancy joining in, click here, we just contact you every now and then via email for your short thoughts on a few topics.