"Wow! Been on steroids!" - Sunderland fans full of praise in our player ratings, what a difference a week makes!

Nobody tells it how it is better than our readers, that's for sure...

by GMac88 Sunday, 18 August 2019 08:00 PM Comments


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My favourite piece of the week. Don't you just hate being told what to think? Not here. Here, you tell me what to think. Or rather, you give me the opportunity not to have to bother thinking.  Which is a plus for sure, but it's always fun reviewing the plethora of informed, funny and sometimes crude opinions from our readers on how our players performed.

I selected a couple of good ones for each of the players who played long enough to be worth a rating (saved ya from last place this time Griggy son, you're welcome). A slight tweak to last week, I'm going to order them in terms of their ratings - lowest to highest. At the end of the article you'll see some emojis, stick a thumbs up if you like the change and an angry one if you don't. 

Last time we did this, not a single player earned the average rating of 6. This time, not a single player received lower than the average rating of 6 - what a difference a week makes!


12th (and last): Conor McLaughlin - 6.0

Only a six because I admire him playing in a weak position still needs to read the game better - Anonymous
Did ok given the fact he is very very uncomfortable on the left - George


11th: Lynden Gooch - 6.5

Lynden flatters to deceive, today he was a marked man today - Anonymous
Invisible in the first half. Improved after half-time. - Anonymous


10th: Luke O'Nien - 6.6

Luke is better at right back reads game and got pace - Anonymous
100% effort as always but tends to be a little rash - Jim Robinson


=7th: Max Power - 6.8

Still not 100% by the look of it but did okay barring his part in their goal - Aristotle
Best game in CM for a while, plenty of legs - Anonymous


=7th: Grant Leadbitter - 6.8

Leads the team well but lacks pace and flare in the final third. - Kennny R
Led by example. Typical hardworking display with good composure on the ball which should be rewarded by a regular starting place. - Anonymous


=7th: Charlie Wyke - 6.8

Looking more the player we thought we signed, until we get quality in the midfield he is always going to steuggle - Clliin .j
Wow, been on the steroids. Love it when he has a bit of nastiness about him. Pushed there back four on there arses. - George


=5th: Aiden McGeady - 6.9

Same as Maguire he’s a brilliant player for this league and he will win us games - Anonymous
One stepover too many, too often - Agent Ashleys Bank Account


=5th: Marc McNulty - 6.9

Works harder than any other forward at the club - Anonymous
Played really well should be first choice - Chris 55


=3rd: Jon McLaughlin - 7.3

Great save from Leadbitter's OG attempt and commanded his box sell - Anonymous
Couple early distribution issues. No chance with goal but afterwards was magnificent, especially on crosses - Solid Start


=3rd: Alim Ozturk - 7.3

Early distribution rather haphazard, but pretty sound. - Anonymous
Great block late on. Distribution can be better - Phil Parker

2nd: Chris Maguire - 7.4

A few stray passes. Good positional work for goal - Linda Hodgson
Looks good, enjoy playing with his pal Geads - From the outside looking in


1st (and Man of the Match): Jordan Willis - 7.7

Great in the air and strong in the tackle, great goal, man of the match - Gav
Good goal, nice to see a centre back throw himself in like he did - Ron W


Well done to Jordan Willis on his first headed goal, his partnership with Ozturk looks to be a good one so fully expect that to be a key feature of our early games. If you want to see the rest of the comments, head back to our player ratings page and just hit 'Submit ratings' and they will all appear.