"Confidence seems shot" "Concentration lapses, again" - Reaction to Gillingham Player Ratings & Comments

Death, taxes and Thanos are inevitable and so was Gillingham’s late equaliser as Sunderland continued their poor run of form at home.

by Connor Quigley Sunday, 31 January 2021 05:50 PM Comments

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In a largely frustrating game, the lads resembled a mixed martial artist making their debut against Khabib Nurmagomedov as they were physically dominated all over the pitch from start to finish and if it wasn’t for a few brief moments of quality, nobody could have argued against the Gills leaving with three points yesterday afternoon.

We asked you to vote on the ratings of the Sunderland team, so let’s have a look at what you, the supporters, thought.


Lee Burge – 4.9

Comment of the day: “Lack of command in the box undermines the defence”

You can strongly argue that Burge should have done a lot better with the goals conceded yesterday; The attempt at saving their first goal was somewhat reminiscent to myself lying down on the sofa after one too many and he then found himself in no-mans-land for the second. You need a goalkeeper that takes charge to do well in any league and Lee isn’t imposing himself enough so far.


Tom Flanagan – 5.5

COTD: “Ok on his return”

There should be a degree of sympathy towards the performance of Flanagan due to a lengthy lay-off and his showing on the pitch was definitely rusty. On multiple occasions he allowed himself to be bullied and controlled by the Gillingham frontline but that was a common theme for the entire team all afternoon.


Jordan Willis – 6.1

COTD: “Like Flanagan, got bullied by the opponents”

A tough game for Willis, as well as the rest of the backline, as Gillingham terrorised the Sunderland back four. He looked to bring the ball out of defence but was let down by his poor passing at times; For a big lad you’d like to see him show more presence and leadership.


Max Power – 5.6

COTD: “Still finding his way but improving”

Max had a decent game but you can’t help but feel that in modern day football you need your full backs to have pace and power rather than just technical ability. There were a few nice passages of play starting from his side of the pitch but he was left with a tough task when it came to the defensive side of things due to the submissive nature of the backline yesterday.


Callum McFadzean – 4.2

COTD: “Concentration lapses, again”

After a quieter game against Ipswich, Callum must have been wishing his back at Portman Road after the game yesterday. A key requirement to any defender in professional football is to have concentration and focus on the things that are going on around you but he isn’t a defender so how much can we really blame him?


Grant Leadbitter – 5.6

COTD: “Not his best but better than most”

I understand that his role in the team is to win and then maintain possession but there were opportunities yesterday for Grant to play a forward ball and he refused to take the option; It’s frustrating as he has the vision and ability to execute them but either he’s making the easy choices or he’s tactically being told not to bother. Did well to follow up his initially missed penalty.


Josh Scowen – 5.3

COTD: “Busy but no end product”

I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day when it comes to writing about Josh Scowen. Another game passes by whilst he looks industrious but offers very little in the way of attacking intent and when he does attempt to go forward, the passes often stray and things break down around him.


Aiden McGeady – 6.7 (Man of the Match)

COTD: “Our best outlet today”

McGeady’s goal yesterday came from an attempt outside the box that was somewhat fortunate to deflect in to the corner of the net but it was a goal that came from a player that attempts to make things happen, “If you don’t shoot, you don’t score” comes to mind. Tricky and busy in possession whilst also winning a penalty, McGeady looked like the influential player he once was for us as he finished his first 90 minutes for the lads since his return. 


Jack Diamond – 4.1

COTD: “Confidence seems shot

It was a poor game from Jack yesterday and arguably his worst yet in a Sunderland shirt as he struggled to make anything happen with the ball yesterday. Substituted at half time for Lynden Gooch and may be better suited to being an impact player for a few weeks.


Aiden O’Brien – 3.9

COTD: “Disappointing after a couple of reasonable games”

Does anybody else feel like O’Brien is far too casual in the opposition box or is that just me? On so many instances he will wait for the ball to drop to him so he can casually swing a foot at the ball rather than being aggressive and attacking the ball at the soonest opportunity. A very frustrating performance.


Charlie Wyke – 4.8 

COTD: “Back to bad habits”

A poor performance yesterday from Wyke compounded with poor hold up play and the inability to put pressure on the Gillingham defence without giving away needless free kicks. He didn’t have many opportunities but the one he did have went harmlessly wide when realistically he should have at least hit the target.




Lynden Gooch – 5.8

COTD: “Looked sharp and hungry”

Coming on for Jack Diamond at half-time, Gooch looked to return to full fitness and showed plenty of enthusiasm in the process but little in the way of end product. A common theme for the Sunderland team these days.