"Annoying fly in football boots" - Reaction to Accrington Player Ratings & Comments

It’s been less than a month since we played Accrington Stanley and hasn’t a lot changed. We were crowned Pizza Cup champs the weekend before we played them for the first time this season and our promotion charge was in full force, nobody could see us losing and although the game itself was a frustrating one, it was never in doubt when we found the lead.

by Connor Quigley Sunday, 25 April 2021 07:23 PM Comments

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Roll on a few weeks and that optimism has been replaced by pessimism, the excitement replaced with despondence and the H’away the lads replaced by F’f**ksake lads. Accrington rolled up to the SoL as we were looking for our first win in 5 games; It started well for the Black Cats as we took the lead and played some excellent football throughout the first half. It was 2-0 at the break and Sunderland were on course for their first three points in what feels like forever. The game ended 3-3. F’fucksake lads.

We asked you to vote on the ratings of the Sunderland team, so let’s have a look at what you, the supporters, thought.


Lee Burge – 4.6

Comment of the day: “Lacks authority” – Philip Scott 

Another despondent performance from the Sunderland goalkeeper and the Accrington equaliser was a direct example of poor communication within a backline low on confidence. In fairness, he did make a superb stop in the first half and could do very little with their third.


Bailey Wright – 4

COTD: “Hopeless” - Anonymous 

Bailey is being rushed back in to the side because we haven’t an alternative and that decision is costing us greatly since his return. We know the capabilities of the Australian but his reappearance in the backline as caused nothing but confusion and calamity.


Luke O’Nien – 4.3

COTD: “All at sea” - Cosh 

Horrible day for O’Nien as he was directly responsible for two of the goals conceded including a disastrous bit of miscommunication with Lee Burge which lead to him heading the ball in to his own net from a back pass.


Max Power – 5.6

COTD: “Limited but never gives in” - Anonymous 

Got himself another goal from a counter attack that really should have took the three points for Sunderland and it was a decent effort from Max throughout the game. Again though, as we’ve discussed all season, the lack of recruitment in the squad has meant him playing in an unfamiliar role for far too long this year.


Denver Hume – 6

COTD: “Nice to get 90 minutes” – Fullwell Ender 

A lot of positives came from the left hand side of the pitch in a first half that Sunderland well and truly dominated and it was great to see the attacking intent of Denver as he linked up again with McGeady.


Josh Scowen – 5.4

COTD: “Annoying fly in football boots” – Marco75 

Another busy game for Scowen but fell away at a vital time during a second half where it felt as if there were no midfielders on the pitch for either side. As Accrington clawed their way back in to the game, we were desperate for our midfielders to put a foot on the ball and control possession but it never came from Scowen or those around him.


Carl Winchester – 5

COTD: “Where’s Dan Neil?” – Mike F 

Did okay in the first half and it seems to be a common occurrence when reviewing the performance of Winchester in that he will play well when Sunderland are in control of the game but fails to make any sort of impact when we are struggling.


Lynden Gooch – 6.2

COTD: “Another good display” - Stuart 

Great first half from Gooch as he looked busy and industrious in possession and linked up well with a Sunderland frontline that were enjoying their afternoon up until the half time break. He’s removal for Leadbitter arguably handed the impetus to Accrington.


Aiden McGeady – 6.3 (Man of the Match)

COTD: “Good first half but disappeared in the second” – Ted the Teacher 

Excellent first 45 minutes as he linked up well with everybody around him, enjoyed possession of the ball, throwing in his usual hijinks and trickery whilst supplying a fantastic ball to again assist Charlie for another goal. The second half was a different story as every player in red and white forgot they actually had a second half to play.


Aiden O’Brien – 4.4

COTD: “Should’ve put the game to bed” – Jimmy D 

You can spin the rhetoric of him being a ploy for Charlie Wyke to score goals but when it comes to being through on goal with teammates in support and you take the decision to hit the shot and you come out with that effort? Nah, not good enough and he hasn’t been good enough in front of goal all season.


Charlie Wyke – 5.7

COTD: “Cracking centre forward” – Bob Shanks 

30 goals in a season and the first time we’ve seen that since the legendary Super Kev but yet, I don’t know about you but certainly for me, it just makes me wonder what was it worth at this point? Anyway, it’s a great personal achievement for Charlie and I’ve no doubt he’ll get the opportunity to test himself in a bigger league if we fail to get promoted.


Grant Leadbitter [sub] – 4.9

COTD: “No impact” – Hill of Beath 

Pretty nonsensical substitution really, gave the baton to Accrington to try get back in to the game by accepting the fact they had a period of being on top.


Lee Johnson (Head Coach) – 5

COTD: “Early optimism has gone, the changes he makes are illogical” - Hopeful

I don’t know what to write about Lee Johnson as my feelings seem conflicted to others. We breezed the first half but 11 collective arses fell out in the second so I’m struggling to see where the manager is at blame; As with our previous six games, every game apart from the Wigan game you can argue we would have won if it wasn’t for terrible defending. I can understand the frustration of the supporters but we’ve been through this with a large majority of these players for three years now.