Sources: Sunderland owner makes random websites look like t!ts. “Football Insider” anyone?

Headlines screaming that Sunderland were on the brink of backing Lee Johnson have been shown to be nothing more than an embarrassing clickbait stain. Yawn.

by James Forster Wednesday, 26 May 2021 12:39 PM Comments

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After lots of people read that insiders were tipping Lee Johnson to be sacked this week, a few hours later Sunderland owner Kyril Louis-Dreyfus appeared on the radio to say his manager wasn't going anywhere.

It’s going to be a long summer with so many squad places to be filled at the Stadium of Light. The transfer window isn't even open yet but speculation on potential new Sunderland signings is going to be rife for the next few months.

The relentless pursuit of ad revenue means there’s a plethora of websites dedicated to regurgitating transfer stories from more mainstream media sources. We get that.

But when sites start claiming to have “sources”, often as if their “sources” are club insiders, you really have to wonder. Look at the state of this from today...

This morning's lesson came courtesy of some outlets reporting that Sunderland were on the brink of sacking Lee Johnson.

The headlines that started on Sunday and picked up pace during the last few days claimed to be backed up by "sauces" "sources"

{Now, I don't mind a bit of speculation me like. Don't even mind a bit of tittle tattle, rumour, gossip. Even a little partial to a good "leak" if am honest. But "sources" man.}

It still wouldn’t be a massive issue, but the one below was the “most read” Sunderland article on git massive news aggregator NewsNow for hours and hours last night and into this morning. So someone’s clicking on this stuff.

Look at this guff:

Sources: Sunderland could sack Johnson this week as replacement talks held (Football Insider)

Published at 7.04am this morning

Yet by lunchtime today, Sunderland owner Kyril Louis-Dreyfus had appeared on TalkSport to confirm the "soon to be sacked" Johnson was indeed staying at the club. Talks with replacements didn't happen didn't go well then eh?

Hope the "sources" aren't being paid a little backhander, an all-expenses-paid meal out, or some other manner of "payment in kind" (shudder).

What more can we take from this lot?

They haven’t learnt like as the “sources” are still at as we speak:

Sources: Sunderland star O’Nien wanted by Luton, Millwall, Middlesbrough and Preston amid contract update (Football Insider)

- So that means Luke O’Nien is staying at Sunderland then.

Sources: Charlton Athletic lead Sunderland and Oxford in race to sign Cambridge ace Digby

- Paul Digby won’t be joining Sunderland, Charlton or Oxford then

Someone wake me up on transfer deadline day.